Energy and Infrastructure

We support the development of emerging economies with energy and infrastructure-related translation.In emerging economies the construction and renovation of public transportation systems, infrastructure, and energy-related facilities is moving forward rapidly. With Japanese infrastructure being exported, the number of multilingual translation projects keeps increasing. ICOS has a translation staff with operational and research experience in many different areas, including energy, infrastructure, natural science, and the environment, and we provide high-quality energy and infrastructure translation service.

Are you having trouble with your translation aimed at emerging economies?

  • I have an enormous volume of documents such as various kinds of spec sheets and contracts that I have to translate…
  • Since documents have to be submitted to the partner government, if the translation were not suitable it could become a problem…
  • The energy project involves several countries, and thus translation into multiple languages is necessary…

ICOS, with its strengths in the energy and infrastructure fields, is helping address all kinds of document-related issues in emerging economies with active advances in dealing with ASEAN languages.

ICOS translation service is chosen from the energy and infrastructure companies for the following kinds of reasons.

Reason 1Speedy handling of large volumes of documents.

ICOS has a global network, and we have the translation resources to do distributed processing of even large volumes of documents in the energy and infrastructure fields. Centralized management allows us to respond with surprising speed. We also make full use of tools such as translation memory, which allows us to simultaneously increase accuracy and reduce costs. We can accordingly handle continuous documents and revisions/changes smoothly and rapidly.

Reason 2We have translators who are strong in the energy and infrastructure fields

We carefully select Japanese translators who are strong in ASEAN languages, as well as native speakers of ASEAN languages. We also choose translators with a lot of experience in translation itself, such as freelancers with long years as freelancers. With ICOS’ global network we can provide high-quality translation of all kinds of documents in energy and infrastructure. Our high repeat rate is also a testament to the quality of our translation.

Reason 3We lower our customers’ translation costs.

By outsourcing translation we can move more quickly and at lower cost than by having in-house resources. We make full use of both our human network of outside translators highly familiar with the energy industry and efficiency-raising tools in order to optimize the balance between quality and cost. There are no rush charges for translations with tight deadlines, and so you can order translation with peace of mind.

Documents in the energy and infrastructure fields we handle

  • Energy-related public works conditions/guidelines/Safety and health management plans
  • Energy-related plant export contracts/Power plant contracts/Energy-related project financial loan agreements/Emissions trading contracts
    New shipbuilding technical specifications sheets/Chemical plant technical specifications sheets/Aircraft engine technical specifications sheets/Power plant technical specifications sheets/Energy-related ODA reports/Nuclear power plant safety manuals/Nuclear power plant design standards manuals
  • Energy-related design subcontracting agreements
  • Wind turbine sales and purchase agreements/Solar power generation facility technical materials/
    Hydrogen fuel vechicle technical materials

Customer voices

  • In recent years our business has become increasingly active in ASEAN countries, and we rely on ICOS when we need ASEAN language translation and interpretation. ICOS always give great service on a tight schedule, which is a great help. We hope to keep being able to use them in future.

We introduce some energy and infrastructure translators carefully selected by ICOS

  • Translator G

    I handle translation in areas such as atmospheric environmental problems, current state of/issues in/new developments in forestry, waste disposal training materials, facility management, flooding, dam construction, and archaeological site management, repair, and restoration regulations.

I carry out translation work in the following order in order to increase quality: (1) read the original, (2) look up technical terms, (3) analyze the text, (4) translate, and (5) Proofread. My motto is to help customers solve their language difficulties, and I will keep doing all I can to serve as a bridge between Japan and the world.

  • Translator I

    I carried out R&D at two leading Japanese materials/fine chemicals and machinery firms for 25 years. After retiring I studied translation at a US graduate school and learned practical translation techniques and contract translation methodology.

In order to improve translation quality I always do as much research as time allows, carefully looking up opaque English expressions in grammar books and consulting dictionaries, working to create accurate and understandable translations. Industrial translation is impossible without operational experience and knowledge, which is even more important than language ability. Even now I am still engaged in distance learning in order to increase the speed and quality of my translation.