Finance and Accounting and IR

Our accurate financial document translation has been very well received. In the financial industry, translation requires not just knowledge of the industry, but keeping up with the constantly changing flow of international finance and being totally committed to accuracy and dependability. At ICOS our customers are major domestic financial institutions and major foreign financial institutions known as global banks, who give high evaluations to the quality of our financial document translations.

Are you having trouble with your financial translation?

  • I want to translate our research reports right away…
  • I want to translate our disclosure materials…
  • I want to translate different IR materials and send them out to overseas institutional investors…

In the financial industry, translation is hard to accomplish unless it is done by someone experienced. It is important to choose a translation service with a large roster of trustworthy people with experience in the financial industry, such as at securities houses or non-life insurers.

ICOS translation service gets chosen from the financial companies for the following kinds of reasons.

Reason 1We chose translators who hail from the financial industry, such as overseas securities firms.

ICOS strictly selects experienced translators with thorough knowledge of finance who hail from major foreign and domestic and securities firms, large domestic insurers, and such. We also choose translators with a lot of experience in translation itself, such as freelancers with long years as freelancers. With ICOS’ global network we can provide high-quality translation in specialized areas that can satisfy companies involved in finance. Our high repeat rate is also a testament to the quality of our translation.

Reason 2We deliver high quality financial translation.

Our translators are not only Japanese people with rich experience; we also partner with native speakers of foreign languages with specialized financial knowledge. As well as scrutinizing the language, we check the facts, and increase the precision of translators. ICOS’ global network delivers high quality for financial documents in the trenches where mistakes cannot be allowed.

Reason 3Practical and immediately usable products.

The degree of specialization and the speed required varies widely—with IR documents and such release deadlines are fixed and there is time to prepare ahead of time, while with research and marketing materials such as equity reports conditions change every day. There are a lot of different kinds of documents and formats vary widely in financial industry translation, and that is why ICOS, with its rich experience and high quality, is so useful to us.

Documents we handle in the financial, accounting, and IR fields

Sell-side research reports and marketing materials

  • Equities (individual company, industry, and thematic reports)/Investment strategy/Quants/Fixed income/Credit/Commodities/Various kinds of derivatives/
    Macro and forex Other

All kinds of buy-side documents and disclosure materials

  • Investment reports/Investment trust prospectuses Other

IR documents (mainly for corporations)

  • Earnings briefs/Annual reports/Marketable security reports/Operating reports/Convocation notices/Press releases for investors/Analyst meeting materials Other

Customer voices

  • We have been getting ICOS to help us with Japanese to English translations of regular reports for many years. ICOS has our jobs handled by outstanding English native speakers who have a real-time grasp of financial and economic developments, who sometimes give us valuable suggests that are a real help.

We introduce some finance, accounting, and IR translators carefully selected by ICOS

  • Translator T

    I accumulated a wide range of operational experience at securities firms for about 20 years, while doing Japanese and English translation as part of my work. I also have over 10 years of experience as a freelancer.

When translating into English I sometimes have to start with elliptical Japanese such as found in PowerPoint presentations, and this sometimes got to me. But at times like that was is important is to be smart and fresh and never tire of basic learning. Occasionally I take on checking work. It is rare for the content to be misunderstood, but it is possible to get too caught up in the wording or the original. I think the essence of a pro is to produce a translation that does not get bogged down in the words of the original and is done in a way that is effective for its purpose.

  • Translator L

    I have 22 years experience as a translator, and I’m qualified as a US CPA. A1

With financial and accounting translation what is most important is expert knowledge and the ability to accurately gather information and analyze economic trends. I do not rush, take my time, and do my best to provide the highest quality translation.