Privacy Policy

In order to maintain the trust of our customers, ICOS has established the following policies for the proper handling of the personal information that our customers entrust to us. We also pledge that all our employees will adhere to this policy and make continuous efforts to improve it.

  1. 1. We adhere to all laws, ordinances, and codes of conduct related to the appropriate handling of personal information.
  2. 2. We have a clear set of rules for handling personal information, and these rules are thoroughly understood by our employees. Furthermore, we require that all firms that we outsource work to and handle personal information handle the information in an appropriate manner.
  3. 3. When collecting personal information, we explain in advance the purpose and usage of the information to receive consent. Furthermore, we handle personal information based on this consent.
  4. 4. When a customer requests the disclosure, revision, deletion or use of personal information we have obtained, we will respond within a reasonable time frame and within an appropriate scope to comply with the spirit of personal information laws and ordinances.
  5. 5. For personal information that we possess, we take all necessary steps to prevent data leakage or other such incidents.
  6. 6. We also conduct internal audits, make necessary improvements, and review procedures so that personal information is handled in an appropriate manner.